Some Bernese Mountain Dog of Fanum Fortunae Kennel participated in television programs, commercials filmed, and posed for magazines of all kinds. We are proud to introduce our stars!

Molla l’Osso di FanumFortunae (Gastone)
Owner: Fabrizia Spaggiari

Gastone participates in the program “I Fatti Vostri” on Rai Channel, in the Christmas Day episode.

Well Done to FanumFortunae (Nero)
owner: Juan Carlos Urrutia Ramirez – Colombia

Nero was chosen by Purina as the face of its food Dog Chow line. Unfortunately we do not have the video of the spot to show but only the image of the poster.

Ludovica and Erasmo

They were chosen for the “Horses of the Sun”catalog
for the line of complementary foods. Here is the photo that appears on the cover

The magazine “Country & Country” published an article on the Bernese Mountain Dog. the Bernese of FanumFortunaeKennel were chosen to witness the beauty of this extraordinary breed. Here there is the first page of the photo shoot.