Allevamento Bovaro del Bernese

What does FANUM FORTUNAE mean?  Why have I chosen this name?

I wanted a name that was also identifying the zone where I live.. I looked for a name that had a meaning and, why not, that brought also luck!

FANUM FORTUNAE is the old name of Fano… that postpones to the “Temple of the fortune” erected as testimony of the battle of the Metauro river, where the Roman legions defeated the army of the Carthaginian general Ausdrubale. It was the year 207 b.C.

Starting today, year 2007, this is also the name of a small Bernese Mountain Dog kennel….We hope that the Fortune Goddess will look after us.


Most part of the time the Berners play on the lawn (or better said what remains of it!). There are two areas so to divide the pregnant females from the others without closing them in the playpens.


According to the number of the puppies we create a playpen of the proper measure. This structure is constituted by modular panels. This allows us to compose it as we like on the lawn, on the floor, or on the gravel. So the puppies have several places where they can stay, indoors, under the sun or the shade and so on…


We leave the puppies free. Their playpen is used only as the “protected” place, if there are cars, gardening maintenance jobs, or also during my absence, the playpen is the ideal place to protect them.


We have three nurseries with wooden box supplied with anti-crushing bars. As the puppies can walk the have at their disposal a paved place with walls constituted by detachable and washable panels.


The places are made in function of the number of the puppies.


When it rains our puppies have an indoor place where they are free to run and play.

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