Some believe that the Bernese Mountain Dog is a cheapie, but it does not. Some FanumFortunae are known for their many qualities. And the fact that they live with several owners confirms that … bad blood does not mind !!

Know All of FanumFortunae (Otto)
owner: Matteo Baiocco

Otto conducts surface research collaborating with the Italian Red Cross On the images he is still a puppy while is following the training. Otto is hoisted from the ground: these dogs must also learn to remain suspended attached to a helicopter.

Nothing to do for FanumFortunae (Amelia)
owner: Roberta Grancini

Amelia over having got the BC4Z is a dog “TUTOR”. Amelia works trying to rebalance dangerous dogs or scared dogs or problematic dogs in general. Amelia was able to help dozens of dogs with behavioral problems. On the video we see Amelie struggling with a Boxer a bit ‘”impetuous” approaches

Course for Dog Training THINK DOG

TEACHER DOG: Nothing to do to FanumFortunae (Amelia)
owner: Roberta Grancini
Instructor: Angelo Vaira

from Experiential Laboratory: “Amelia and the boxer”

02/06 March 2012, Verdello (BG)

The instructor holds the Boxer to prevent dogs from hurting themselves. Amelia is able to remain calm and to forward it to boxer. At the end the Boxer will stand with other dogs without attacking them

Robe by Matti of FanumFortunae (Rudolph)
Owner: Rossella Robba

Rudolph, besides having obtained the BC4Z, working at the Municipal Police of Trieste. It is used both in the patrol, both in a project of dog training in the schools. Rudolph also has been protagonist the Olimpic Dogs Game 2012, obtaining the silver medal in the Dog Orienteering Trail-O (olfactory discrimination) discipline and getting the bronze medal in the Dog Orienteering Research discipline. Currently Rudolph is following a special training to become a search dog (people)

Yoghi the bear di FanumFortunae (Gandolfo) and You Can Do It for FanumFortunae (MagaMagò)
owner: Roberta Grancini

Gandolfo and Mago are still too young to various patents, but they are following a path that will force us to update this page quickly. Gandolfo and Mago are already measuring to become dog “TUTOR”, and, despite their young age,  they have helped some dogs to find the right balance already. At theDogs Olimpic Games 2012, Gandolfo has won first place (large size category) in the Dips discipline, leaving behind dogs with a licensed water rescue.

The young  Magò has left stunned the timekeeper  of Dog-O Orienteering trail discipline gaining  the gold medal to Olimpic Games 2012 Dog! Faster than light!!!

Congratulations to Gloria (Play It Again of FanumFortunae) and his mistress Eva Guidobono !!  They are now member of Police Canine Unit, volunteers section of Bologna and they are engaged in various activities.

Anybody interested in a puppy to approach any discipline, is invited to comunicate this, so that we can better evaluate what could be the most suitable subject.